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FCUK has branded its products as French Connections. It is an international designer brand, which is famous for its women jackets and women perfumes. A close look at the different products of this designer brand would surely make an impression on you.

French Connection Honky Tonk Swing Jacket is a stylish casual women jacket with collar, three buttons and loop closure. You can use the Summer Bambu Jacket for formal wearing and it is actually a black double breasted coat with matching belt. Young girls would definitely look beautiful in Tino Wool Military Coat. It is a buttoned double breasted coat and it is available in sober colors.
For discos and short trips, the women can go for well fitted single button jacket. They would surely look quite smart and impressive in those outfits. French Connection's cropped jackets are getting popular day by day. Those who yearn for comfort should pick up the cozy cropped jacket with wide three fourth sleeves and if you have any intention to flaunt your asset, then, wear the Jedi Quilt Black Jacket by FCUK.

Fast Pack Hex Puffa Jacket is highly fashionable and they are also available in attractive colors. Refined women would definitely look good in white stylish jacket with quilted star design. This is usually known as Star Puffa Jacket and it is available in Persian Grey and Double Cream colors. FCUK offers jackets for women that serve all purposes. Right from casual wears to formal ones, everything is on the cards for every fashionable woman.

FCUK is also known for its women perfume collections and you can avail essences of jasmine, violet, musk, amber, sandalwood, cedar wood or a mixture of all those. Most of the women perfumes are a blend of rich florals. There is a special daytime perfume and evening perfume for ladies as the appeal of a particular essence always changes with time.

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Popular Women’s Designer Brands
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