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Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani is the creator of the international brand of apparel that is hugely popular throughout the world, especially in the western countries. This Armani signature collection of attire has gained immense popularity within short span of time. The net worth of business for the Armani collection, originating in Italy, was estimated by Forbes as $ 1.7 million, for the year 2001. In 2007, the designer collection has gained so much popularity that Armani has started selling his trademark for two football teams: England’s Chelsea and Hong Kong’s South China.
Launching various labels of Armani linings over the years, the Armani collection has carved a niche for itself in the international designer market. Giorgio Armani has been awarded as the best dressed environmentalist by Sustainable Style Foundation in the year 2006, and, he also got to design the outfit for the Italian flag bearer at the 2006 Winter Olympic opening ceremony.

Scroll down to know about the various lines of clothing launched by Armani:

Armani Exchange (A|X): Created in 1991, this affordable range of clothing is available in its 63 American boutiques & 45 international boutiques.

Armani Jeans: Created in 1981 and is considered as the second-most inexpensive Armani Line features its denim collection. This brand also creates clothes for men and women and the average price of a pair of Armani jeans is around $195.

Armani Junior: This section of clothing features clothing for children.

Armani Collezioni: This is a high profile collection line of Giorgio Armani that consists of clothing for men and women who are more into professional lifestyle.

Giorgio Armani: The Armani signature label is the most expensive Armani label and is available in its 75 boutiques throughout the world.

Armani Privè: Creating history, the Armani's haute couture line is the first haute couture Paris fashion show to be streamed live online. This label is not available for purchase in stores but can be ordered and tailored for premium rates.

Not only apparel collection, Armani is also well known for its beauty products, jewelry and home collections. To know more about women clothing, stay with womensclothingxl.com

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