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Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss is pioneer among the garments manufacturing companies of the world. The company started its business as designer and manufacturer of men’s formal wear. With the passage of time, it has expanded its wings and started manufacturing designer garments for women too. At present, Hugo Boss is a popular name in the fashion world designing and manufacturing a wide variety of formal as well as informal wears.

Venturing in to business in 1993, Hugo Boss received overwhelming response from the fashion world soon after it was established. Various designer wears created and sold by them were able to create a trend for themselves in the fashion world. At present different, you will find garments bearing different labels which all come under the Hugo Boss brand to suit the need and taste of different types of customers.
Scroll down to get a brand overview of Hugo Boss:

Boss Black: Comprises both men’s wear and women wear along with accessories. This brand include a vast range of formal wears for elegant business gatherings, informal wears for casual sports as well as evening wear. Boss black has always been a super hit.

Boss Orange: Here is another label of Hugo Boss that offers both men’s wear and women’s wear. This label brings for you fashionable collection for sports and other evening programs..

Hugo: Hugo label of Hugo Boss, the manufacturers claim, is the perfect choice for men and women, who are creative and self confident and are endowed with a unconventional bend of mind. Women’s dresses of Hugo Boss are in high demand specially the ones which are short sleeve V neck blouses, acrylic notched Collar Coat, women’s wrap blouse and lots more. Although these Hugo Boss dresses may be a bit expensive but the unique design and color combinations make it worth buying. A short sleeve shirt costs around $200 to $300 where as jackets and suits are priced at $1200 to $3000.

Apart from these, there are two more labels of clothing from Hugo Boss for men: Boss Selection and Boss Green.

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