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Redefine fashion with the brand called Lacoste which stands for its discerning taste in women fashion. The Lacoste portfolio includes everything from casuals to winter garments for both men and women. Renowned as a French brand, Lacoste specializes in apparel, watches, perfumes and footwear. Lacoste brands signature style lies in creating comfortable attire. Smart, styled with a colorful collar is a soft winter wear designed for the women of today. V-necked sweatshirt in varied colors is another lovely creation from Lacoste.

Lacoste is the brain child of Rene Lacoste, who was a tennis player and he came up with the idea of comfortable tennis attire. The first clothing that this brand made were sports garments and gradually metamorphosed in to a brand that sells a variety of apparels and accessories. V-necked sweatshirt in varied colors is another lovely creation from Lacoste.
A lightweight sweater that is a must have in every wardrobe is another product. Hooded cardigan for women, short-sleeved sweater for women, designer shirts and woolen garments, cotton sweaters, Fleece jacket for women, cable knit sweaters are the varied range of winter wear sold by Lacoste. Not only sweaters but a wide range of ladies' regular wear is also available.

Pique polo shirts in dreamy colors, soft cotton polo cut shirt, comfortable tops, stretch t-shirt, geometric designed tops, waffle tee in textured fabric, long sleeved shirts are the types of clothes that can be had at Lacoste outlets. A thing that is common to every Lacoste creation is the crocodile logo. A green crocodile logo that is etched in every creation.

The history of this strange logo is very interesting. Rene Lacoste once placed a bet on an alligator skin suitcase and was nicknamed “the alligator”. Later the nick name reflected in tennis courts where he refused to break under opponent's pressure. So one of his friends drew a crocodile for him. He had it embroidered and on his blazer. Later when he set up his own label as a signature the crocodile logo was placed in each creation.

Today there are numerous stores selling Lacoste labels. Saks fifth avenue, Nordstrom, Bloomingdales Macy's are among the few selling these brand clothes. Apart from these Lacoste boutiques and stores are spread worldwide.

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