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Mexx is one of the leading brands of the world, designing, manufacturing and selling garments for men women and children. It is one of the largest clothing chains and design firms which operates stores all around the globe. A wide range of clothes and other fashion accessories for men, women and kids are manufactured and sold by the firm. Mexx is owned and is a subsidiary of Liz Claiborn fashion Company.

The history of Mexx dates back to 1970 when the fashion designer Rattan Chadha manufactured and sold clothes to the wholesale stores in Netherlands bearing the labels of Mexx. In 1980, the organization was completely revamped and two most leading brands, Moustache for men and Emanuelle for women were created. The creation of these two brands took the entire fashion world by storm. The first two letters of the two brand names were merged to form Mexx. (the letter M from Moustache + E from Emanuelle and the letters XX stand for Kiss.).
Since 1990, Mexx has also been designing garments for the kids labeled with the brand name Mexx Kids. In 1996, Baby Mexx was founded manufacturing garments for the little ones .

After capturing the entire fashion world in Europe, Mexx has ventured into countries like Asia, America, Canada and the Middle East where it has set up manufacturing units and stores. In the year 2001, U. S. fashion Company was purchased by Liz Claiborne for more than $200 million. At present Mexx is an internationally acclaimed company and has stores located in over 65 countries.

Some of the most popular Mexx Products include a wide variety of high end button up shirts, dress pants, skirts, dresses as well as woolen garments among others. What makes the Mexx products stand out among the garments manufactured by other companies is their plain and simple designs with special emphasis on detailing.

You can opt for online shopping for the Mexx products too. The garments and the accessories produced by the companies are favorite of many celebrities like the superstars Kate Winslet and Minnie Driver who are also also known for setting fashion trends all over the world.

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