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Roberto Cavalli

Roberto Cavalli is one of the most popular designer women's brands run by the world-renowned fashion designer from Italy. Roberto Cavalli, the world famous women’s brand is synonymous with rock and glamor. The brand Roberto Cavalli is associated with women’s luxury clothing. Roberto Cavalli was born in Florence, Italy on 15th November 1940.

Roberto Cavalli like Gianni Versace, another famous fashion designer uses sexualized cuts and animal prints in his apparels. Roberto Cavallo has been designing outfits for international celebrities and pop stars. His clients include Michael Jackson, Jennifer Lopez, Spice Girls (the leading girl band from U.K.), Christina Aguilera and Shakira. Roberto Cavalli had also designed H & M’s, (the international retailer) exclusive collection of apparels that were sold in more than 200 stores worldwide in November 2007.
Roberto Cavalli operates many companies, which produce various types of apparels and fashion accessories. The main company known as Roberto Cavalli specializes in women’s apparels, women’s handbags, beachwear, underwear, men’s apparels, sunglasses, men’s and women’s shoes, eyewear and time pieces. Just Cavalli rolls out the Cavalli line, which is famous for its denim collections. Just Cavalli features apparels and accessories for men and women. The Roberto Cavalli Class is a relatively new company which is known for its apparels displaying “elegant yet sexy” designs. The Roberto Cavalli Class stocks women’s as well as men’s clothing. The Roberto Cavalli Angels deals exclusively with kid’s wears. Roberto Cavalli also specializes in a vast range of leather products.

The Roberto Cavalli apparels are manufactured from feathers, silk, leather and denim. Roberto Cavalli exhibited his first couture collection in the 1972. Since then, his name has been associated with children’s wear, men’s wear and above all, in women’s wears. Roberto Cavalli also manufactures beautiful designer items for home.

You can buy Roberto Cavalli designs from the outlets spread all across the world. The Roberto Cavalli boutiques are present in United States, United Kingdom, Italy, France, UAE and Lebanon. You can also purchase the Roberto Cavalli designer clothes and accessories online. The Roberto Cavalli clothesline and accessories cost anywhere from 295 US Dollar to 595 US Dollar.

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