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Catherines is a specialty outlet; there are 450 specialty cloth stores of US. It is available in more than 44 states of the country. The brands of Catherines are all exclusive in nature. The types of brands available are Plus, Petite Plus and Extended Plus Sizes.

Catherines US caters to the requirements of women of the age group from 40 to 65 years. All the brands of this clothing store are of moderate price range. The shopping centers dealing with the brands of Catherines US are located in shopping centers throughout the Southeastern, Southwestern and Midwestern United States.

Now in women’s garment category Catherines holds around slightly more than 30 percent of the market share. Women’s garments like classic apparel and accessories for casual and career styled women are available.

The branches of Catherines are located all over US. Nearly in five places of US Catherines have expanded their network. The different networking groups associated with Catherines are Charming Shoppes Inc, Catherines Plus Sizes and Petite Sophisticate. Cross Town Traders is a direct marketer of women’s apparel.

The aim of Catherines is such that the company is well known for celebrating the lives and fashion trend of women who are regular user of plus sizes brands. The price of women’s garments range from $ 9 to $ 28.

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