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Bridal Clothing

How do you like to look on the most important day of your life ? Dressing for the occasion needs prior planning and right selection. Bridal Clothing makes a young charming bride the most beautiful lady in the world on her day of wedding. The color, style and type of Bridal Clothing vary from religion to religion.

Generally, the color chosen for Bridal Clothing in the western culture is white which includes ‘wedding white’ as well as creamy tones like eggshell, ivory and ecru. The fame of this elegant color used for Bridal Clothing dates back to almost 1840 and the wedding of Queen Victoria with Albert of Saxe-Coburg.
Queen Victoria selected a beautiful white gown as her wedding dress. The formal photograph of the wedding was published everywhere and many brides chose same color for Bridal Clothing. The trend of wearing a white bridal dress has remained even today.

Before this famous event, the Bridal Clothing in western culture was made using any color excluding black which was the color of mourning as well as red which was associated with the prostitutes. In fact, a white Bridal Clothing is the ultimate symbol of purity of heart and virtue of childhood. White is also thought to be symbolizing virginity.

In eastern cultures, red is the chosen color of a bridal wedding dress. In the Chinese tradition, red is believed to be the color of good luck. In the recent Chinese weddings, especially in the Western countries, the Chinese bride chooses for white Bridal Clothing or changes from a red wedding dress to a white one later on her wedding day. An Indian bride in her wedding day normally wears a red wedding dress, particularly red sari. In the western countries, an Indian bride changes from her red Bridal Clothing to a white dress later on her wedding day.

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