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Women's Pants

Women's pants or trousers are quite popular among today's women belonging to all age groups. Pants have been a part of ladies' attire since the late 20th century as one of the most common component of western formal wear. They come in various attractive colors and fabrics. Some women also use scarves with trouser and formal shirts. Women prefer pants to skirts especially at workplace. It is also the most favored dress for any kind of outdoor work.

The tradition of wearing Women's Pants began with the Wigan pit brow girls who used to work in the coal mines. Trousers were also worn by women who used to work in the ranches during the 19th century.
During the 1960's Women's Pants were formally introduced as a fashionable wear. Tailored of finest fabrics and featuring most elegant designs, the trousers are most comfortable womens wear whether at home or at work at present.

A large number of companies manufacture designer Women's Pants at an affordable price. Popular materials used for making these ladies' trousers are polyester, lycra, cotton, denim among others. These pants are available in various sizes for the women of different heights and different waist line.

Jeans is the most preferred among Women's Pants. Although, still not considered as a formal wear, it is widely worn by girls, teenagers and ladies. There are innumerable companies who manufacture and sell jeans to meet the need and the choice of the ladies including the teens and the old alike.

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