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Women’s Shirts and Blouses

Women’s Shirts and Blouses have been a part of a woman's wardrobe since the 19th century. At present, they have become the principal attire of women, whether they are at home, work place or just as a casual wear. Blouses and shirts are now often worn with a formal skirt or trousers in workplace.

Popular fabrics used for tailoring women's shirts and blouses are cotton and silk. Women’s Shirts and Blouses can be with long or short sleeves or simply sleeveless. Sometimes collars are also provided with the shirts and blouses. Lingerie blouses which are in vogue have exquisite laces and are splendidly embroidered.
Blouse forms an essential component of the traditional Indian attire and is usually worn with the saris, lehenga or skirts. Usually the blouses worn with saris are shorter in length than those worn with the lehenga or the skirts. Blouses are usually round necked or V or square necked. Traditional blouses can be either sleeveless or with full sleeves. The color of the blouse is so chosen to match the elaborately woven borders of the sari material or the base color of the sari. Blouses with lehengas are worn in a mix 'n' match style. Modern blouses are often made up of knit materials.

Women’s Shirts and Blouses are also backless or off-the-shoulder. Designer Sari blouses may have sequins and beads work. Chikan embroidery or other designer blouses are specially worn on occasions or festivals. Designer sari blouses may also have embroidery work in gold and bronze threads. Sleeves and neck cut are of different designs and shapes.

There are many retail outlets where ready-to-wear Women’s Shirts and Blouses are available. However, custom made women's shirts and blouses guarantee a perfect fit and can be made according to the desired specifications. The customers can choose the shirt and blouse color, fabric, design patterns, type of embroidery and other embellishments to be included.

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