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Women’s Swimwear

A swimwear is an out fit meant especially for aquatic sports and activities like swimming and diving. Since its evolution tremendous changes in its form and appearance encountered us. More and more fashion conscious people and designers worked hard to add an oomph factor to the women swimwear industry.

As we all know that women swimwear section is the hottest segment in the whole of garment industry, it’s the segment which has undergone through many changes and variety. Many designer brands with unlimited verities are now in the market to allure their buyers with huge variety of shapes and cuts.
The major varieties of women Swimwear are:
  • One piece swimwear
  • Two piece or bikinis
  • G-strings
  • Thongs
These main types now have many sub sections ad detailing in regards of design and shape. As we all know women come in all shapes and sizes, and to everyone’s individual need there is a particular type of swimwear available. Whether you have apple shaped body, pear shaped body, hour glass body or rectangular shaped body a huge variety of swimwear available in many shops will make sure to pep you up.

Now days most women go for tanning under the sun and encounter a common problem of getting bikini lines, which can be avoided by using special kind of swimwear. Some of the most popular brands of swimwear are Baby, Berry Dog, Wild Iris, Aerin Rose, Phax, Inca and Roxy. These hot brands have pampered many hot bodies across the globe.

It’s not about having a great body, it is about the attitude that you wear. Choose and wear a swimsuit which compliments your body and be a part of this glam world of swimwear. For more information about other women's clothing browse through all the pages at womensclothingxl.com

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